Thursday, April 24, 2014

It Blows My Mind

hoto credit: Flооd via photopin cc  

Sorry A to Z, I've failed you. My edits got the best of me, but to be fair, I think I squished a month's worth of work into one week, so at least I won at THAT. 

Instead of keeping up with the posts I'd planned for the challenge, I decided this week I might just have to write some of my favorite things. In other words, I'll be making some lists. Today... a list of all the things that are blowing my mind.

  • I am old and have kids. Yeah, I know, I've had 18 years to let this sink in, but it still blows my mind!
  • I put things in my eyes to help me SEE. What? If I was alive almost any other time in history, I'd have fallen off a cliff already.
  • And while we're on the subject... EYES!!! Yeah, eyes. I mean, seriously. How do these things not either puff up and explode or shrivel up and fall out. 
  • We're alive! And most of the time not even sick. How is that possible? Our body parts get old, but mostly, they keep working. 
  • WORDS! We write things and read things and (for the most part) it makes sense to us. Sometimes it even helps US makes sense of being alive.
  • I get to write words and people might actually choose to READ them... voluntarily. And some of those people might even be moved to tears by those words that I wrote.
What's blowing your mind today?

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  1. No fail! So glad I found your blog--you are awesome :) ♥