Friday, April 4, 2014

If I had a... Dozen

photo credit: dtrimarchi via photopin cc

If I had a dozen arms,
I’d put a pencil in each hand
And watch while they scratched happily
Creating something grand.

If I had a dozen cats,
I’d give them old-fashioned names
And dress them up in top hats
And monocles with ivory frames.

If I had a dozen feet,
I’d caper an Irish jig
And make the people from late night shows
Call to book me for their gigs.

If I had a dozen tall white horses,
I’d gallop them in a line
And jump with grace from back to back
With my favorite trained canine.

If I had a dozen kids,
I’d rent a giant circus tent
And teach them all to juggle and flip
To their hearts’ content.

If I had a dozen pennies
Well that would be sort of dumb
Because what can you get for less than a quarter
Besides a stick of gum?


  1. I absolutely loved this. If I had a dozen solid ideas I'd have a better feeling that I may actually be able to finish A-Z :) Have a great day... R

    1. He he! If you can't find some solid ones, I've found squishy ideas to be just as useful :)

  2. I love the whimsy of this! I can just see the cats sitting around nodding and conversing.

    1. I was tempted to do an illustration of just that image for this post, but I ran out of time. Maybe I'll come back to it.

  3. What a cute, peppy poem!! Do consider putting share buttons at the bottom of your post!

    1. Such a good idea! I always forget, but I just added it :)

  4. Superb D for Dozen. It makes for a beautiful song where one can rock the stage. Pepper it up, Kate and have you thought of a musical career:)