Thursday, April 17, 2014

If I had an... Octopus

I tried to get him to serve the tea
What a mistake
The cups got all slimy—And so did the cake
Eight legs
Do not a butler make

I tried to get him to fix us dinner
What a flop
He cracked all the eggs and proceeded to drop
Every bowl
Until I told him to stop

I tried to get him to fold the laundry
What a blunder
He tied things in knots, over and under
And split
My brand new undies asunder

So I gave up trying to put him to work
What luck
‘Cause it turns out his talent is giving hugs
Wrapped those arms around my waist
Felt great!
Finally, finally we found a purpose
For our clumsy octopus.


  1. Love it! 8 arms for hugs. I never thought of that.Your A to Z theme is contagious - Shelina