Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dresser Drawers

I've loved a lot of the art dolls that I've made, but this one is by far my favorite. Not only did I love her for purely aesthetic reasons, but she was a piece of artwork that I could relate to metaphorically. Without realizing it, I might have sculpted my own self portrait.

I love the idea of drawers, compartments, cubby holes. There are so many tiny places that we store things inside of ourselves, so many different dreams that we compartmentalize. I'm sure if someone opened me up, this is what they'd see, hundreds of tiny drawers filling me up. Some would be crammed full, while others would have only one special trinket resting inside them. Some would be as messy as the junk drawer beside the stove in my kitchen and some would be immaculate.

What do the drawers inside you hold?


  1. I LOVE her! And I don't even know her.

  2. I love this piece, sometimes the best things are accidental. I think my brain has a couple junk drawers...where the math section should be.

  3. I have a caffeine stash and a critic that live in my drawers. I once had a job interviewer ask me to describe me sock drawer. Odd question. I didn't know how to answer and I didn't get the job. Probably for the best.

    I love that doll. My daughter makes dolls from Sculpy clay that are so cute. I'm going to show her this one.

  4. VERY poetic. I think this is my new favorite blog. You are really talented.

    found you on the a to z, and will be back to read more! am a follower now. :)

    feel free to take a peek at my blog if you have time:


  5. so very beautiful and what a loaded ? you ask--will be thinking on that today!

  6. hmmm..........must have old bits and pieces of jewelry, buttons, old books and maybe a hazelnut chocolate bar!
    love your new endeavors!

  7. Sadly, I think that some of mine are filled with regrets. Others, though, are filled with hope and faith and love and family--the only things I really need.

    Nice post!