Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Observe

The rain this morning has washed away
the dust of the every day that clogged my vision,
uncovering a new world.
Outside the window the leaves
of the rose bushes still hang heavy
with tiny silver orbs.

The dog has decided to bring the wet inside.
His coat is dusted and the underside
of his belly is soggy and brown,
but the rain has awakened something in him too
and he prances on the slick linoleum,
before finally laying his head down
on the ground between his paws.
Looking up at us with those kind eyes.

We walk out the kitchen door
and stop to breathe that cold, wet air.
Even the mountains have noticed
the difference and to celebrate,
have dressed themselves in lacy white collars
that would make Victorian women swoon with envy.

The dog trots happily down the sidewalk,
unaware that the world has changed,
that bits of the sky float in the gutters;
puffy white clouds
and bits of blue.


  1. That was so beautiful, it makes my chest tight. "... bits of the sky float in the gutters..." perfect words, perfect image.

  2. Gorgeous imagery,very vivid! I saw my dog as I read this. I've seen him act like that when we come back from a walk in the rain,lol.
    I love the picture too-did you take that also?

  3. so poetic, kate! I feel like I am right there.

    can't wait to read more!