Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Join the K Crew

I need YOU!

Yes, you...

My debut book, DELIVER ME, is being released by Bloomsbury Spark on April 15th and I'm building a team of daring and devilish book lovers to help me spread the word. So, of course I'm turning to you lovely reader.

As a part of my street team you'll get:

  • Entry into street team only contests, giveaways and prizes.
  • The top secret inside scoop about release dates, covers and more!
  • A peek inside the deep, dark corners of my mind.
  • Plus, bragging rights. After all, you will have helped me get my start.
Your responsibilities, if you choose to accept, will be any (or all) of the following:

  • Nothing takes the place of a good recommendation, so say as many nice things as you possibly can to friends and family about my books. 
  • Have a blog? Maybe you'd be willing to post a review or do an interview.
  • Are you on Goodreads or Amazon? I'd love an honest review.
That's it! Although if you can think of some fun or amazing way to spread the word, I might just have to make a place for you in the acknowledgments of my next book. 

If you'd like to join the team, leave me your email address in the comments below, or follow this link to the K Crew Facebook page.

I really can't do it without you!!!!!


  1. I VOLUNTEER AS ... STREET TEAM? Doesn't quite have the same ring. Still, it's true. Count me in.

  2. hi, I want it!! my blog is in spanish, would that be a problem?