Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two Lies and a Truth

Have you ever played this game at a party? You go around the room and each person gets to tell two fake stories about their lives and one totally real one. The trick is to figure out which one is really the truth. I thought it might be a fun game to play here (mostly because I like to make up stories). 

Let's see if you can figure out which ones are the lies and which one is the truth. 

#1 You could call us bathing beauties. Once I ran into Tyra Banks in an airport restroom. I was so flummoxed I got water all over my pants while washing my hands.

#2 Well, I wasn't really his "neighbor", but I got to visit Mr. Rodgers on vacation in Nantucket.

#3 I didn't really get to meet her, but I did get to speak to Oprah on the phone for an interview she was doing about my step-mom.

Alright, you've heard the stories. Now guess.