Friday, July 6, 2012


What keeps you motivated while you're working on a project? For me it's all those little goals that I set for myself: one hour, one day, one month at a time. Maybe since I'm such a visual person I respond well to seeing my progress tracked. This might be one of the reasons I loved doing NaNoWriMo so much. That little bar that kept moving up the more I wrote was pretty thrilling. 

But as hard as I've looked for something comparable to the NaNo tracker, I couldn't find one. So this was my solution. It's about as low tech as you can get. A one column graph that I get to color in one block at a time. A block for every thousand words that I complete. But let me tell you. I look forward to coloring in that little bar as much as a coloring book obsessed kindergardener. 

It may be simple, but it sure keeps me going.