Monday, June 13, 2011

Ten Signs You're Out On Submission

It’s official! My little, baby manuscript has left the nest and is out on submission. In honor of my first experience of being out on sub, I decided to (you guessed it) write a list of ten signs that you just went out on submission.

1-    You open your email every ten minutes or so (okay, maybe it’s every three minutes) to see if your agent has contacted to tell you that there’s already a bidding war for your manuscript. Who cares that the editors haven’t even had time to read the submission’s cover letter yet. (It’s already been like an hour, why hasn’t anyone responded?)

2-    You buy lots of chocolate to get you through this stressful time. Upon snarfing down the first Costco sized bag of m&ms you realize that you really shouldn’t be packing away all this chocolate. What you should be doing is going on that new no-cal-no-carbs-no-fat-eat-only-green-things diet so that you can look stunning when you meet your publishers to sign your book deal.

3-    You give away all that chocolate, which is sad, but at least all the neighbors love you now.

4-    You take a quick peek at your email, just to be sure that nothing new has shown up.

5-    You cyber stalk all the editors and publishing houses that your agent submitted to and make a secret top ten list of the houses you really, really want to buy your book.

6-    You decide you should start writing a new project. You already have like a bazillion really awesome ideas that you’ve been dying to tackle and now’s the time. What better way to distract yourself than to create a new world? This next book is going to be EVEN better than the last one. It’ll be brilliant.

7-    You stare at the blank screen.

8-    You decide that maybe you should just check in on twitter and see what’s happening in the blogosphere and THEN you’ll start writing.

9-    You marvel over all those writers who actually sold their books. Maybe a little of their luck will rub off on you. You look up EVERY blog post that was ever posted about authors who went on submission and finally sold their books. You compare every detail of their story to yours. Now you’ll be prepared when it happens to you, right? Right?

10-   You check your email. What it’s only been two hours?!? Oh well. Maybe it’s time to go out and buy some more chocolate.


  1. LOL! This list made me laugh! :D
    Good luck on your sub process!!

  2. Very funny. I'm also on submission. If you ever feel like talking--you know, like a mini submission support group--just shoot me an email. Best of luck to you and may the publishing gods allow your book to get snatched up in an auction with a huge advance.

  3. Ahhhh. The best to you (and you too, Becky). Having never even sent a query, I can only imagine what this step is like.

    And....if you're mailing chocolate, I'll take anything dark.

  4. Congratulations! I am so excited for you, and I can't wait to get my hands on your book! And guess what I am coming out in August, it will be fun to see you, oh and can my kids jump on your trampoline, hehe :)

  5. This is alarmingly accurate :) When I was on sub I found that hitting the gym helped with the nerves (and the chocolate intake). Plus it also got me away from the computer! In fact, keeping away from the internet was key. Good luck!

  6. I have to admit, I'm nowhere NEAR the submission process, but this list is alarmingly accurate for someone who has just started seeing a new guy...

    Start on a new project? -- continue keeping your eyes open for new dates.

    Marvel over other writers? --wonder when it will be "your turn."

    Buying comfort food and compulsively checking email are both global responses. :)

  7. You are hilarious! Big deep cleansing breaths and some chocolate sound good to me. Best of luck and keep it dark. :)

  8. Congrats on being on submission! I'm crossing my fingers for you! :D :D :D Loved the list by the way. ;)