Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pimp My Computer

Recently I decided that it was time to pimp my laptop. It sounds like it could be the name of a game show, doesn’t it? Pimp my Laptop. But really I just wanted to show a little love to my favorite piece of modern technology. It’s just a simple, blue netbook, but I’ve grown very attached to it over the last year. We’ve spent countless hours together. It goes on vacation with me. It sits up with me in the middle of the night and distracts me from my neurosis. And even though I know it’s mine ( it has my fingerprints all over the top of it and my thoughts and stories saved on its hard drive), I thought it needed a little something more to dress it up.

So how do you dress up a computer? Sure I could buy a decal of an owl on a branch or some cherry blossoms, but my computer is special. It can’t have some stock decal that anyone can order. It needs to encapsulate who I am, what I believe in, the person I want to be.

Whoa, you say. Hold on. Stop right there. That’s a tall order for one tiny computer. Yes, maybe, but doesn’t it sound like an exciting task to figure out the essence of who you are, to distill it down into something that can fit onto the 8x10 inch back of little, blue netbook? I thought it was.

And I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. It’s just two little words and a bit of punctuation:

What if?

Yep, that’s it. But it’s pretty much the source of all my inspiration. In those two little words I see the promise for just about anything. I can bring to life any story, any image, any day dream.

So what’s the essence of who you are? How would you pimp your computer?

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