Monday, February 14, 2011

The Love List

In honor of Valentine’s Day here is a list of things I love, not the normal things like my kids and my husband (of course I love them, that’s a given). These are some of the “other” things that make my life a little richer.

• Gigantic drops of rain.
• The way ice cream gets crystallized in a root beer float.
• Putting on dry clothes after a day at the pool.
• The smell of a clean pillow.
• Fresh lemonade.
• The whistle of a chickadee.
• A really sharp pencil.
• The reddish color of bare winter trees.
• The sound of a rushing river through an open window at night.
• New socks.
• Conversations with strangers in the grocery store.
• The color of a summer sky right before night falls.
• A huge sigh after finishing an amazing book.
• The smell of dirt and grass on a warm day.
• Sour candies.
• A really cold glass of water.
• Blank paper.
• Blue shadows on white buildings.
• Puppy breath.
• Driving with the top down on a warm night.
• Coming home.
• Rolling hills and fields of wild grass.
• A new plant that I haven’t forgotten to water.
• New: tubes of toothpaste, bottles of shampoo and bars of soap.
• Crossing items off a list.
• Lists
• The pale turquoise of really clear water.
• The slant of the sun in the morning.
• A perfectly cooked egg.
• Bolts of fabric
• Thinly ruled paper and a felt pen.