Sunday, May 12, 2013

One Lucky Mama

This is the amazing list that my daughter made me for Mother's Day.

 77 Things I Love About You...

  • You and I are always on the same brain wave
  • You let us make fun of you
  • You make fun of us
  • Your imagination is endless
  • You can't cook to save your life
  • You dance like nobody is watching
  • You're easily amused
  • You are a horrible driver
  • You turn every bad situation into a fun one
  • You pick me up from school when I just don't want to go
  • You can make fun of strangers and only feel a little bad about it
  • You can't follow directions
  • You call us by the wrong name
  • You let us do art projects even when we are still in the middle of our last one
  • You get scared during movies
  • I can hear you laughing at the TV when I'm going to sleep
  • You aren't afraid of talking to strangers
  • You like to give things away
  • You can't keep a secret for more than a few hours
  • You aren't afraid to take chances
  • You can make a bag of candy disappear almost instantly
  • You get addicted to video games (i.e. Candy Crush)
  • You aren't afraid to stick up for yourself and your kids
  • You're crazy
  • Your handwriting should be a font
  • You have the cutest sneezes
  • You laugh at my jokes even when they aren't funny
  • You make me laugh
  • You love Dad and you say so a lot
  • You let Dad go camping/fishing/snowboarding/golfing even when you don't want him to
  • You don't pay attention to the outside world when you are reading
  • You sing at the top of your lungs even though you can't hit the notes
  • Your laugh is infectious
  • You're a worry wart
  • We would own a zoo if you had the choice
  • You have great style
  • You know when something is bothering me
  • You understand what I'm talking about even when I don't
  • You try to be a handyman even if you fail
  • You are genuine
  • You drive me places at a moment's notice
  • You have good taste in music
  • You take every opportunity to learn about something
  • You read every book you can get your hands on
  • You can finish a word search in three minutes flat
  • You never get angry at me
  • You always have the most interesting things to say
  • You have baby-child hands
  • You can stop biting your nails for a few months and know right when you will start again
  • You get so excited about little things
  • You spend every penny you earn on your kids
  • You don't let the big things worry you
  • You always worry about the little things
  • You let me rant on about what I see on Pinterest
  • You have a never ending supply of book ideas
  • You are a dork
  • You see the beauty in everything
  • You are opinionated
  • You know just what to say to make me feel better
  • You make everyone around you happy
  • You put up with my crazy sleep talking and remember them well enough to tell me about them the next day
  • You are just the right amount of awkward
  • We always have something to talk about
  • You get so worked up about politics
  • You would make a great president
  • You are always willing to help me with homework
  • You are just a slightly older version of me
  • You are so organized, yet such a mess all the time
  • You are willing to do anything to help me
  • If a mini pony wandered into our yard, you would already have a name picked out and a stable built
  • You're always on the hunt for a new farm to move to
  • You always speak your mind
  • You are so passionate about everything you do
  • You think you're the coolest person on Earth, and you're right
  • You love us so much and would go to the moon and back to show us
  • You're my mommy
It feels good to be known inside and out! 


  1. Oh I LOVE this. How awesome. Makes me want to know you better <3

    1. Thanks! We're probably bffs and just don't know it yet :)

  2. Aw, what a wonderful daughter you have! I love this. :)

  3. That is the perfect gift. I love how the list is a mix of the humorous and the serious -- because that's how real life it.

  4. This is priceless... and I'm wondering... why 77? Too cute!

    Writer In Transit

    1. Thanks! 77 was the number that fit on one page :)

  5. How lovely! Such a unique and thoughtful gift.

  6. Oh my goodness! How old is your kid? What a spectacular gift and she has inherited a gift for expression.