Tuesday, April 26, 2011

(a man enters)

Last night my mom and I got to see a staged reading of our play (a man enters) at SLAC. (By the way, this is a working title. If you have a flash of inspiration and come up with a better one please, please let me know.)

It was AMAZING. The actors were perfect and we were lucky to have a full house and many, many brilliant audience members who stayed after for our talk back.

My funny and neurotic mom (hmmm, that's not hereditary, is it?) was so nervous that she could hardly enjoy the play, but I had a GREAT time. Maybe it's because I let her do all the worrying and I was just there for the ride.

As we were waiting for the play to start I mentioned to my mom how excited and unworried I was and she decided it was because I have fifteen thousand other careers to fall back on if this one doesn't pan out. (Well, maybe she didn't say fifteen thousand, but you get my drift.) This might be the first time my "career attention deficit disorder" has actually paid off. 

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