Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And Stephen Colbert Can Serve Dessert

Do you have a list of people that you’re really good friends with… in your imaginary world? I know I do. Stephen Colbert doesn’t know it, but we hang out ALL the time: dinner dates, trips to the movies, gallery hopping. I’m pretty sure that he even has a little crush on me, which could be kind of embarrassing if my husband ever found out.

Oh, and I guess I should mention After all, I decided last week that he and I would make great BFFs. He's so funny and smart and I'm hoping I can even get him to humor me and write a theme song for my life. I really want a theme song.

So today I’m planning a guest list for my imaginary dinner party. Who do I want to come? Of course Stephen and Will are invited. I think the rest of my guest list might go something like this:

·       I know we already have a Stephen at the party and Mr. Colbert might be a little miffed, but I’d really like Mr. King to come too.

·       Since I’m definitely inviting my mom to my dinner party I will invite her idol (and dog’s namesake) Ms. Aretha Franklin. And if she feels better I hope she’ll sing for us.

·       Chuck Close seems like he might be a little bit shy, but I hope he’ll come anyway. I know he won’t have time to paint any of us, but maybe some of his genius will rub off on me.

·       Maybe it’s just because Sliding Doors and Duets are two of my favorite movies, but I think Gwyneth Paltrow would be a good addition to my party. She seems like the kind of person who would make sure everyone feels welcome (plus I really like the way her voice sounds).

·       After I read EAT, PRAY, LOVE, I already felt like Elizabeth Gilbert was one of my close friends, so she should certainly come. And I bet she could recommend some good Italian food.

·       If Katy Perry doesn’t mind, I’d really like Russell Brand to come to my party. I know he’s probably going to offend someone, but he’ll be sure to entertain.

·       I’ve always wanted to write a screenplay and even though Judd Apatow probably gets sick of talking about work, I bet he’d be happy to share a few tips with me while we’re eating our crème brulee.

·       Of course I don’t want Jon Stewart to get jealous. I hope he knows that I’ll always love him and he’s welcome at my house even if there isn’t a party going on.

So…who’s invited to your dinner party?


  1. Cary Grant is on the top of my list! Sigh...I can see it now! Cary talking about his day like any of us would to a friend and there I am, captivated by every word and the way his mouth forms them! Sigh again! I don't think I'd be a very good host!! Best to leave it for a dinner party of 2 for me! ;-)

  2. Kate--I suppose it wouldn't surprise you to hear that you've named some high-resonance people for me, too: Chuck Close (I've attempted to write about one of his painted portraits), Sliding Doors (I think about that film frequently, only saw it once), and Russell Brand (who for reasons I haven't yet fathomed has my full attention). As for my own dinner party, I don't want to think that hard this afternoon!