Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Do You REALLY Do All Day?

Last Friday my husband started a new job. Normally he'd leave in the morning to drop our daughter off at school and return home just in time for dinner at six. NOW, on the days when he's not traveling to Detroit or Seattle, he'll be working from home.

Yes, part of me is very excited to have him at my beck and call. In my mind I'm imagining trips to lunch and walks with the dog (never mind that he'll have actual work to do). But the other part of me is a little worried.

No, I'm not worried that he's invading my turf. I'm worried that he's going to see what I actually DO all day (which I'm embarrassed to say, often doesn't seem like a whole lot). Remember all that laundry that I avoid and all those books that I read? Well, I realize he's aware of all that, but somehow him seeing it unfold in real time, has me feeling a little ashamed.

We all know that I'm not going to mend my ways completely. I'm not going to stop reading, and writing and start cleaning baseboards all day. But I am hoping that maybe I'll start using my time a little better.

I listened to a show on Fresh Air yesterday about habits. The guest said that the best time to change old habits is while you're on vacation because you aren't surrounded by the normal routines that you've become accustomed to. This made me realized that this new transition in my life will be a perfect time to start training myself to make a little better use of my time. Maybe I'll fit in writing, reading, painting and even have a little bit of time to spare for baseboards. Look out dust! Here I come!

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  1. Haha! I know this feeling. :) I really would rather spend the day reading, writing, and chatting with online friends. But I can't stand it when the house gets too dirty, or when I keep walking by the laundry basket begging to be sorted and put away. So I always designate a day where I do all my chores. Then the rest of the week gives me more flexibility to do the things I love. :) Good luck!!