Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Matter of Opinion

I just got finished reading BEFORE I DIE*. I've never cried so much reading a book before. Really. I don't like crying. It makes me feel soggy and a bit foolish and normally I hold it in at all costs. But let me tell you, it was a small price to pay for such an amazing story.

Whenever I read a book that I really LOVE, I always feel compelled to go to Goodreads to read the reviews that it's recieved. And for some reason I'm always absolutely blown away when not everyone has the exact same opinion of it as me. In fact, I end up getting a little angry. How can that reader not know how beautiful these words were? How can they not know good writing when they see it?

But I guess it just goes to show that we've all got our own taste. And really there's no accounting for some people. I hope I can remember this lesson if one day I publish a book. There are going to be people who hate it. Let's just face it. If some people hated this book that I loved so much, there are obviously going to be people who hate what I write too.

*Warning, even though this book is catagorized as YA it is definitely for mature readers.

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  1. Ooooh, now I'm intrigued... I'm off to add it to my To-Read list!