Friday, March 21, 2014

To Theme or Not to Theme

April is right around the corner, which means it's time again for the A-Z Challenge. For the first time this year, I'm considering having a theme instead of just posting random posts about whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. Although fancy tickling IS extremely appealing, I figured it might be a bit more challenging (and interesting) to have a little more direction. 

So now comes the difficult part, choosing an idea that will hold my interest (and hopefully the interest of whomever stops by this blog) for a whole month. I was hoping YOU might have some input. Here are some of the ideas of been toying around with. Do any of them sound interesting to you???

1. My favorite things- probably lists, maybe some poems, but definitely all the things I love.
2. The Writing Life- a little bit of craft, a little bit of business and hopefully some inspiration... 
3. Imagery- a chance to look closely at things and hopefully write some beautiful words.
4. If I had- If I had an ant eater, if I had brown eyes, if I had a cat's tail... you get the picture.
5. What if- a chance to use my favorite phrase every day for a month and possibly come up with some fun new ideas for books.
6. Creating Characters- a new character for each day. I'm often very plot driven, so I thought it would be a fun exploration to really think about characters.
7. Story Book ideas- a new idea for a picture book each day.
8. Vocabulary: a new fun word each day used in a sentence, passage, or poem.

So, do any of those ideas sound appealing to you? Weigh in now or forever hold your peace(or at least during the month of April). 


  1. Definitely the "if I" category! That sounds fun and low-stress for you, and I've visited about 150 blogs already (Seriously....) and there have been a lot of writing/about writing blogs in the (WR) category... not to say it's bad (it's my theme, too, haha) but I haven't seen the "If I"/"What if" category yet. Go for it!

    Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Kyoto, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge

  2. I say the "What if" or "If I" posts. The character ones could be interesting, but I think you run the risk of it being too much to sustain. Of course you know better what your limitations are.

  3. "If I had..." gets my vote! Sounds totally original and has lots of scope for creative imagery to keep the interest going :o)

  4. Definitely #4 as the rest have said. Would be fun to see how that goes. Lots of potential and something new :)