Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Voice

Ah, voice, the illusive je ne sais quoi that writers are always chasing after. We all want to find that unique style that's both all our own as a writer and perfectly singular to our characters. Because voice is so difficult to define and so particular to each book, I thought I'd make a list of some of the books that I feel have captured the strongest, most successful sense of voice.

Are there any books that have astounded you with voice?


  1. I absolutely agree with GONE GIRL and definitely with ROOM.

    A book that pops into my mind is a fantastic YA novel by David Levithan called EVERY DAY. It was so well done and the voice so strong - so hard to do when the main character actually inhabits others people. :)

    Oh, and also THE GIRLS by Lori Lansens. She alternates the pov of twin girls who are physically attached, and she manages to make each of their voices ring true and separate.

    1. Thank you for the recs. I'll make sure to read them :)

  2. The only one of these I've read is Okay for Now. You're right: the voice is really strong.

    I want to second what Madeline said about Every Day—great book with a fantastic MC.

  3. omgosh---that one "let's pretend this never happened" i think that is the best title i have heard in a long time--gotta read this one :)

  4. I like your list and plan to read some. A children's book that comes to mind is Deborah Wiles's Love, Ruby Lavender. I read it a few months ago and still have Ruby's voice in my head!

  5. uff, my list of books to read is growing! I would definitely want to read 2 of these
    lets pretend this never happened and the perks of being a wallpaper.. I liked the titles!!