Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is it the Caffeine?

Normally I do most of my writing on my laptop, cozied up on the couch in my family room or in my favorite chair in the sun. You'd think that this would be an ideal place for writing, after all, it's oh so comfy and I have every convenience I'd ever need at the tip of my fingers.

But conveniences can . be dangerous.

As anyone who has ever tried to write or work from home knows, your life can be a BIG distraction. No one would ever believe that it would be possible to avoid doing such a large amount of work by doing NO work at all, but I can vouch for it. Laundry, dishes, email, dogs, the mail man... the refrigerator, how do they manage to distract me so completely?

So this week I tried a new experiment. I realize that it's the oldest trick in the book for writers, but I've never tried it myself, so I thought I'd give my neighborhood coffee shop a chance to work some magic on my writing.

Of course I have to admit that it might be the caffeine, but I was almost blown away by how easily the writing came to me while I was sipping my mocha and listening to the soft ambient noise of the espresso machine. For a half and hour I happily scribbled and scratched in my notebook, filling up page after page.

Yes, I might have a new addiction, but for now I'm not complaining.

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  1. Know what you mean about the distractions. It's hard not to get that one last thing done before starting writing. Good for you for you getting out of the house to write!