Monday, February 6, 2012

Free Writing: Better than a Spinach Smoothie

Sometimes my writing expectations feel like they're hardening in my veins like the plaque that causes heart disease. I can almost see them there, thick and yellow and ready to send me clutching my chest in a cold sweat.

But don't worry, free writing is just the magic pill to ease my symptoms. I don't know whether a good free write is like one of those kale and spinach smoothies that my mom drinks for breakfast or if it's just a placebo, but I sure am thankful for the boost of energy that they've have given me this week.

I've been struggling getting back into the writing groove with my new project and even though I'm excited about it, I just can't seem to crank out the words like I want to. So this week I've revived my free writing blog (please give it a gander at Kate's Free Write).

I've tried to focus my free writing with my new project in mind. The prompts won't necessarily fit into the finished project, but I'm hoping they'll inform it and at least loosen me up. Who knows, I might go places that I never would have dreamed of or I might just spew out a few hundred words of drivel, but either way I'm finding it useful.

Remember how I said it was the first ten minutes that were the hardest? Well guess how long I'm timing my free writes?


  1. Eight or Nine minutes? I can never find my pencil in that length of time. I've got two manuscripts in my brain and no will to even try again.

  2. Those two manuscripts will still be there if you ever decide to write them. Maybe right now you just need to recharge and make beautiful things (like your cards).

  3. Good for you, Kate! It's important to force ourselves sometimes when everything seems to be conspiring against creativity.