Friday, January 27, 2012

Too Shy: Commenting on Blogs

It's nothing new. I've always been shy. As a little girl I was mortified by the idea of A. eating in front of strangers B. using a public restroom C. raising my hand to answer a question... and the list could go on and on.

For the most part I've grown out of my shyness, although the thought of going to a party where I know only one or two people still makes me break out in hives. And for some reason I have a peculiar shyness when it comes to commenting on people's blogs.

I absolutely LOVE it when people I don't know comment on my blog. In fact, I think I like it even more than when people I know and adore comment (don't worry guys I promise I do love you). But for some reason I freeze up when it comes to commenting on other people's blogs. Even if I have something I really want to say, I suddenly become timid. What if they think I'm dumb for commenting? I ask myself. What if they think it's weird that I'm saying something when I don't even know them? Are they going to think I'm one of those lame kids that hangs around the periphery of a group and jumps in to answer a question that wasn't even directed to me?

I'm afraid of all those things, but if the other bloggers are anything like me, I'm sure they're thrilled to have comments, no matter who they're coming from.

What about you? Are you sometimes too shy to comment.


  1. On my prior blog, I'd be hysterical over my 21 comments. My new blog gets a few and it honestly hurts. It's like going to a party and nobody speaking to me.

    I'm the wallflower, waiting for the moment I can make an exit and return home to my comforts.

    Extroverts are considered superior and the way we are supposed to be. Otherwise, we're considered abnormal.

    BUT, introverts are HOME where our numbers can't be counted in statistics.

  2. Sometimes, but I'm trying to get over it. : )

  3. Not at all for me. I think it's good if you try to remember that the interactions over the net are different from real life. Genuine bloggers are very much open for feedback. Maybe try commenting on blogs that talk a lot about your interests. Commenting is a great way to spread knowledge about your blog too.

    - Matthew Leanna

  4. Hello from one shy person to another! Ironically, I've decided to leave a comment here ;) perhaps to thank you for sharing the same understanding and sentiments as I do!

    1. Brava! I've definitely gotten a little bit better (and it seems that you're well on your way). Once I realized how much I enjoy getting comments from other people, it made it a little bit easier for me to comment.