Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Clean Page: Starting a New WIP

As you might know by now, I'm a glutton for new notebooks- all that promise in those empty pages. It's almost the same feeling that I get when I start a new project. Mmmmmm....A new project.... The thought makes me salivate.

This past week I finally finished a complete draft of the YA novel that I've been working on and I'm very happy with how it turned out. There are still a few chapters that need some tweeking, but those are small beans. I've sent it off to some of my favorite folks to be read and, for now, it's resting comfortably in its bed before the inevitable surgery that is sure to come.

So with my last book tucked away, you can imagine that I'm itching to begin a new WIP (work in progress). Last month I started outlining an idea for a new book. I was dying to start. It took everything in my power not to click on Microsoft Office, open a new document in Word, and type the words CHAPTER ONE. But in a move that was very uncharacteristic of my extremely impatient personality I actually WAITED to start writing it until I'd finished writing my other book.

I was a little nervous that the charm would wear off of my shiny new idea, but I'm happy to say that I'm still infatuated. I still dream about staring into my new WIP's eyes, stroking it's hand and  telling it how much I love it. Yep, I'm happy to announce that this new project and I might be in love. If there was a place on my facebook page for "in a relationship with WIP", I'd probably be ready to click the box.

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  1. "If only" ONE of my horrible queries had made it to an agent's attention and 'if only' one agent had requested a 'look-see', I'd feel as you do. When I read my query, it doesn't reflect my manuscript at all! It sounds alien to me. No wonder no one has asked for more.