Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Great Pen Hunt

A trip to the office supply store is normally a euphoric experience, but today was particularly exciting because I was on the hunt for the PERFECT pen. (It has to be perfect to sign PERFECTED, right?) 

I consider myself a writing utensil connoisseur, so it was imperative that I find just the right pen for my very first book signing. I couldn't just grab the nearest ball tip and call it good. No, the tip had to flow smoothly across the paper. Not too thick. Not too thin. It couldn't bleed or look patchy. It needed to be the Ferrari of pens. 

After trying a half dozen, I finally found the winner: a black, medium sized felt-tip, marker pen by TUL. AAAHHHH! This pen writes like butta (without the grease spots).

I'm in love. I bought two packs and left the store practically skipping.

Do you have a certain pen that you love?

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