Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Five Stages of Grief (I Mean Revision)

1. Denial

This manuscript isn't that bad. Really. I bet it only needs a few tweaks and it'll be perfect. 

2. Anger

Who wrote this thing? It's terrible. You're telling me this is a character arc? The voice is inauthentic, the characters are flat  and the plot is convoluted. AAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!

3. Bargaining

Just let me check my email one time and then I promise I'll start revising. Wait, I'll send one more tweet and then really... I'll add that new chapter. 

4. Depression

Why do I even bother? Nobody is going to like this book anyway. I might as well just toss it and take up needlepoint.

5. Acceptance

No one else is going to write this book for me. I guess I'll do it. 

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