Friday, July 6, 2012


What keeps you motivated while you're working on a project? For me it's all those little goals that I set for myself: one hour, one day, one month at a time. Maybe since I'm such a visual person I respond well to seeing my progress tracked. This might be one of the reasons I loved doing NaNoWriMo so much. That little bar that kept moving up the more I wrote was pretty thrilling. 

But as hard as I've looked for something comparable to the NaNo tracker, I couldn't find one. So this was my solution. It's about as low tech as you can get. A one column graph that I get to color in one block at a time. A block for every thousand words that I complete. But let me tell you. I look forward to coloring in that little bar as much as a coloring book obsessed kindergardener. 

It may be simple, but it sure keeps me going. 


  1. Love this! What a great idea, I may have to steal it.

    1. Please do steal it! I hope it works for you.

  2. I love it! Just like the fundraising tracker at my kids' school. It is nice having a visual that marks your progress. : )

  3. I've given up, again. I've sent my reworked and repolished query out to the last agent I will ever email. Yep. Now I'm back to doing portraits. You might want to check out my blog for the last three weeks. I'm turning them out about one per day.

  4. Hey, that's a pretty nifty idea! Since I write first drafts longhand (mostly), I'm gratified when I see the pages of my pretty notebooks fill up with my sometimes sloppy script, even when big old sections get scribbled out and I've got mistakes coming out the wazoo...
    Some Dark Romantic

  5. Great idea! I am super visual, too, and it is SO gratifying to get to fill in those blanks!