Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kate's Free Write

So last night I was up until nearly two designing the banner for my new blog. Okay, so maybe I don't really have time for another blog, but in my defense, this isn't so much a blog as a different form of creative writing journal.

The idea is this: each day (yes, I realize that it probably won't happen every day, but this is the "idea" not reality) I'll pick a new prompt with which to base a fifteen minute free writing exercise. The prompt might get drawn out of my bag of random words or it might be a line from a poem I love. It might be one of the many amazing images that I've found on the internet and have been hording on my hard drive for this very reason.

The prompt could be anything and most likely won't be related to anything that I'm currently writing, but the point isn't to create work that will get used. It's just to get those yummy juices flowing. Mmmm, I can already taste the words now.

And if you want to join along in my daily word romp, please, feel free to share my prompt or come up with your own. I'd love to read what you come up with.

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1 comment:

  1. Cool idea! REALLY love the images, so far... I wonder, would it be fun to post some of these really evocative images you've got squirreled away on your hard drive as prompts in themselves? You could post the picture the day before you (and anyone else who wants to participate) freewrite about it.